Lifeline is a registered narrative essay outline template company in India, an importer and exporter with focus on providing quality and innovative medical equipment and consumables to Indian medical professionals and customers. Lifeline is managed by practicing medical professionals who understand market needs with insight into products promoted by us. In association with MIR Medical International Research, Italy, Lifeline offers you a devise , SmartOne a FEV1 & Peakflow meter, an expensive solution to diagnose and monitor the growing menace of Air pollution examples of diction causing respiratory problems to almost every Indian.
SmartOne is a great device for Pulmonologists, Respiratory Therapists , Allergists, General Practioners, Pediatrics, Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Cardiologists to assess respiratory pathologies. Besides Lifeline also offers you MiniSpir and MiniSpir Light Spirometers.
All the products are supported by MIR World patented Flow-meter and world class accessories. We can also supply you with any of the MIR range of Spirometers on demand